Wild Court – Expanded ‘About’

I’ve been holding back from posting too much about Wild Court, for fear of spoiling it, but I’m also acutely conscious that as an indie author, this doesn’t always work in my favour! I’ve tried to expand a little bit more on what it’s all about without giving too much away – here goes nothing…


There are boundaries, invisible to the human eye, that keep us safe from the threat of the nightmare worlds. Worlds inhabited by a mass of creeping, biting, gibbering creatures. Creatures of boundless appetites, creatures that feed on terror, creatures that we cannot touch, but that cause us to bleed, suffer and die on contact.

There are secret organisations fighting to maintain these boundaries. Organisations that have fought, deceived and made peace for our benefit. Organisations that have feverishly tried to arrest the decline in empathy that causes the boundaries to erode.

These organisations are losing.

Lincoln is a retired demon hunter, grown cynical with age and bitter at being called back into the field at a time of emergency. Ben and Matt are two friends, united by a love of nerdy sci-fi, Nando’s and dad jokes, divided by anxiety and a laddish toxic masculinity.

Alice is a gifted archaeologist, hunting a biblical secret left untouched for thousands of years, funded by her mysterious and paranoid benefactor, Hugo. Chloe is an ageless orphan, twisted by an ancient disaster, worshiped by her own cult.

Together, they’ll travel the world, learn that magic is not dead, meet gods, fight monsters, discover the brutality and gentleness of humankind, see bravery, cowardice and uncover dark secrets – not least of all, about each other.

From Bracknell to Svalbard, from our world to others, this is Wild Court.


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