Content / Trigger Warnings

The last thing I want is for anyone reading my books to be distressed by the content within them. On this page, you can find a list of possible adverse content and triggers – I cannot promise that this is exhaustive (and it’s a work in progress) but I hope that it helps you have a safer, better reading experience:

Small Places (2021)

Content Warning: Strong language and violence throughout, with some graphic injury detail, scenes of involuntary restraint, giant spiders, dead animals, implied cruelty to animals, and some fantastical creatures of a horrifying nature

Trigger Warning: Cancer, mention of previous self-harm and an instance of a drink being tampered with

Parasites (2019)

Content Warning: Moderate language, some violence and a graphic medical scene / injury detail

Trigger Warning: A theme of mild bereavement runs through the book

The Train Heist (2019)

Content Warning: Moderate language

Trigger Warning: N/A