September: Small Places and Wild Court

Wow. So, August was pretty wild. I’ve just about recovered from all the amazing reviews, Q&As, features, spotlights, giveaways, Instagram posts and tweets (to name but a few) throughout the month and would definitely like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who got involved. I’m delighted that the book has been well-received, according to Goodreads, which is fantastic.

But … well, in all honesty, I much prefer writing to promoting, and although I should really be focusing on the sequel to Parasites, Dusk, somehow I found myself picking up one of the other urban fantasy titles I started writing a few years back and eventually parked after it ground to a halt around 55k words, or about a third of the way through.

In the last month I’ve powered through another 40k words or so, and it’s about two-thirds done. Wild Court – named after the street in London where a certain secret organisation is located* – is a very different book to Small Places – a bit grittier, a bit more intense in places, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I’d love to share details of where I am with it, but that would involve major spoilers – the overall premise is that it’s a fantastical look at the impact of declining empathy in modern society, and follows multiple protagonists in the first person. We meet a timid librarian, a smart archaeologist hunting biblical artefacts, a cowardly millionaire, an all-knowing woman followed by a mysterious cult, and a breathtakingly terrible example of toxic masculinity, all alongside a secret organisation with an incredibly grumpy tutor and a dastardly villain.

I’m not sure when it’ll be done; I’ve slowed a little recently, but I think that the third part will be shorter than the other two, and then it’ll need editing etc – hopefully, we’ll get there by the end of the year, and then I can bounce back to writing Dusk. Sorry about this; I can’t really control what my brain wants to write, although I did get excited during all the Small Places promotion and started to plan out a sequel, so there’s about 60% of that structured somewhere on my computer.

There is no other space in my brain for other writing projects right now. Promise.  

* It’s a real street; check it out – it’s near Covent Garden.


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