Engineering Identical Hand Twins?!

Do you remember that episode of friends where Joey finds his ‘identical hand twin’? Well, I’ve just had a similar episode, only with books … kind of.

Somehow, I saw a tweet the other day from Darran Handshaw, asking “Any other authors with a science fiction fantasy novel set in a ruined futuristic city with an engineer main character want to cross-promote?  Let me know!”

And what are the chances? Parasites, my sci-fi solarpunk exploration novel features exactly this – although this is really only one location, and one of the main characters … but it’s a remarkable coincidence.

I’m not saying that we’re going to run away to Vegas together and make millions (although neither did Joey) but it certainly made me laugh, and I’ve already downloaded Darran’s book The Engineer: A Chronicles of Actaeon Story, which is very much intriguing me! If you’re interested in Darran’s work as well, you can find it on Amazon UK here and read the very positive reviews on Goodreads here. I’ll be updating and doing a full review once I’m done!  

Thank you!

It’s not easy being an independent author, especially when you’re hoping to (one day) not be independent. It’s pretty tough when you know that being a writer is a dream for so many other talented individuals out there, people who are often smarter, more established and less weirded out by the whole prospect of self-promotion than you are.

Thankfully, I’ve found that the book community – writers and bloggers alike – is pretty much nothing but supportive (ok, some of y’all are crazy but you’re still supportive with it!) so I wanted to take a moment and say thank you. You’ve all taken time out of your busy lives to read my stuff and I appreciate it more than you can know.

So a huge thank you to my first set of reviewers, Traveling Cloak, Alex J Books, Stevo, Natazha and Alex, and an equally huge thank you to those who have it on their TBRs, Erik at Genre Book Reviews, Nighty, Kriti, Nadja, Lori, Ollie and Cassidee.

For the latter group, I really hope you enjoy Parasites – and even if you don’t, I’m so grateful that you read it and I’m really looking forward to reading your thoughts about it. There’s currently five and a half thousands words chucked into a word document with rough ideas and structure for books two and three so at this stage, you’ve potentially got a chance to affect later books!

Uh, or, well, the cessation of efforts on later Parasites books and my return to fantasy, which is actually more of my natural homeland 😛  

Again, as an Indie writer, there’s a strong temptation to just keep writing ‘book one’ of something until it gets picked up by a traditional publisher, but all of your kind words have strongly contributed to some serious thoughts about Parasites books two and three. While I kind of need to dedicate a book to my wife at some stage, you guys will get a huge shout out after that, promise!

That was pretty raw, so thank you all again, and happy trails.